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Logo Design

A logo is a visual representation of a brands identity and core values. A well designed logo creates trust which is a fundamental attribute to any brand.

Our aim is to provide you with a professional design based on a combination of your requirements, thoughts and feelings accompanied by our initiative, resources and expertise. 

Choosing a logo style

We ensure you are ready for social media by offering you various sizes and colours of your Logo. 

To help you decide what type of logo you want, please see various styles below.


Using initials, this typography based logo is great for businesses with longer names. Think HBO, IBM and BBC.


A font-based logo that focuses on the brand name. Works well with catchy memorable names like GOOGLE, UBER and EBAY.

Icon / Symbol

Graphic based logo with your brand being condensed to one unique image. Think APPLE, TWITTER, SHELL.

Combination mark

Lettermark or Wordmark combined with an Icon / symbol in various ways. for example, PUMA, AIRBNB and ROLEX. 


Emblems contain font within a symbol or icon, just like a badge, seal or crest. Brands like STARBUCKS, BMW AND STELLA ARTOIS use this style.

  • Place order

  • Submit requirements (Application sent via email)

  • Quick reply with feedback and suggestions 

  • Receive  edit  within 3 working days

  • 3 revision / adjustment sessions